Business License Process

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A business license is required for any person engaging in business in the city, except those exempted in CMC 5.04.050.

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5.04.080 Application procedures

A. The applicant shall complete an application for a business license through the Business Licensing Service. The application must include all information and all fees due for all licenses requested, as well as the handling fee required by RCW 19.02.075.

B. The city clerk-treasurer shall provide information relating to services provided by the city and/or other agencies, applicable regulations, and other information as may be needed for all new applicants. Any changes in services, regulations, and other information shall be given to applicants renewing their business licenses.

C. The city clerk-treasurer or other designee authorized and appointed by the mayor (collectively referred to in this chapter as the “city clerk-treasurer”) shall review all applications for business licenses. The city clerk-treasurer may refer the application to the fire chief, building department, health district, Department of Ecology, or other agencies or departments he or she deems necessary. The city clerk-treasurer’s review and approval or denial shall be completed within 10 days of receipt of the application information unless additional time is needed by other agencies or a time extension is mutually agreed upon by the city clerk-treasurer and the applicant.

D. Upon approval, the city clerk-treasurer shall allow issuance of a city business license through the Business Licensing Service. In case of application denial, a notice of denial shall be mailed by the city clerk-treasurer. 

 The business license is issued to the business owner or operator at a specific location. Change of ownership of the business requires application and approval of a business license for the new owner. A change of location of a business must be reported to the Business Licensing Service sufficiently prior to relocating the business to allow the city to review and approve the new location prior to commencing business at that location. A change of location may require submitting a new application as provided for in this chapter.