Fire Life and Safety

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Fire Life ImageThe city of Cashmere hereby adopts a Fire and Life safety self-inspection program for businesses operating within the city limits of Cashmere. (CMC. 5.08) Business owners in the city of Cashmere subject to applicable fire codes shall conduct a self-inspection of their business property annually and submit a self-inspection form to the city no later than 30 days after receipt from the City.

The inspection is to be conducted by the person in highest authority at the business, or their designee. (Ord. 1093 § 1, 2006).

In the event a business owner in the city of Cashmere fails to timely file the self-inspection form with the city of Cashmere, the city may order an on-site inspection by the city fire official or the fire official’s designee and the business owner shall be billed the applicable fee for said on-site fire inspection. The occupancy permit application fee and on-site inspection fee, if required, shall be established by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 1093 § 3, 2006).

Fire & Life Safety Self Inspection guide and occ permit app