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  • What is the cost and procedure for short platting?

    The fee for short platting is set by the Cashmere City Council. Check with the Planning Department or view the current fees. Application forms and an information packet describing the process in detail are available at City Hall and can be mailed to you. Once an application for a short plat (defined as no more than 4 lots where at least one of the lots is less than 5 acres) is received by the department and determined complete, it takes about 30 days for preliminary approval. The applicant then has a certain period of time to meet all conditions of approval as set forth in the preliminary approval letter. These conditions include water availability and sewage disposal for each lot and may include a survey, private or public road improvements, easement requirements, and/or other conditions. The timeline can be extended “for good cause shown” for another 6 months. Once all conditions are met, the final plat must be recorded in the County Auditor’s office before lots can be sold. More on short platting can be found through the Subdivisions link above.

  • Can I subdivide my property?

    Whether or not a property can be subdivided depends first of all on the size of the property compared to the minimum lot size requirement for the zone where it is located. The entire City has minimum lot size requirements. This is determined by the City’s Zoning Map or Comprehensive Plan Land Use Classifications map. Additional development restrictions may be placed on specific properties because of environmental constraints, such as unstable slopes or location in floodplains. More on Subdivisions is available through our information sheets link above.

  • Is my property in the flood plain?

    The Planning Department has the official flood plain maps as issued by FEMA. These maps are available for review at the planning Department or you can view them on the FEMA webpage.

  • Are there any critical areas, such as slides or wetlands, on my property?

    The Planning Department has maps that can indicate the possibility of your property being in a critical area. Staff can locate your property on these maps with an address and parcel number.