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Cashmere Museum and Pioneer Village now offers an Audio Tour which adds a whole new dimension to the visit experience. A handheld device provides the visitor with a detailed explanation of almost 100 museum points of interest. A must-do.

History buffs will revel in the extensive museum collections. Artifacts from the Wenatchee Indians include hunting and fishing artifacts, a sweat lodge, native food and medicine items, an exhibit about the Hudson Bay Company and a Meso-American collection. Many of the artifacts in the archeology wing date back 9,000 years! Displays from local pioneer history include tools, mining implements, veterinary equipment, Boy Scout memorabilia and dioramas depicting local wildlife and the lifestyles of the early settlers, including a trapper’s cabin. Examine a diverse collection of petrified wood, semi-precious stones, and minerals found both locally and from beyond. Experience how early settlers lived in “Old Mission,” the Pioneer Village, which consists of 20 original structures brought in from the local area and furnished with artifacts from that era. Visitors can walk through a Great Northern Railroad caboose from 1921 and observe a waterwheel in action.

Cashmere Museum is also home to the annual Apple Days celebration, held the first full weekend of October each year.

The museum is open daily (except Mondays) from late March through the end of October. For detailed schedule information, call ((509) 782-3230) or visit the web site (