River Rafting and Kayaking

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RaftingCashmere's Riverside Park is a popular meeting place and take-out for both commercial and private whitewater rafters. In late summer and fall, the Wenatchee River flows sedately past the City of Cashmere, becoming little more than a stream during drought years. However, one of the most exciting recreation opportunities in our area is the whitewater rafting the Wenatchee affords in the spring and early summer.

The Wenatchee River is classified as a class III/IV river during these times. The classification is given to rivers to describe the level of expertise required to navigate the various rapids by raft, canoe or kayak. Class III/IV is suitable for beginners to intermediates.

As river rafting has become more popular each of the rapids between Leavenworth and Cashmere have earned names such as: Deadman’s Drop, Snow Blind, and Boulder Garden. Up to 15 commercial rafting companies offer whitewater rafting trips from Leavenworth to Cashmere beginning in April of each year. The City of Cashmere has developed Riverside Park with these rafters’ comfort in mind. A take out ramp was built to ease exit from the river by commercial and private rafters. The City has provided rest rooms on the southwest side of the park outside Riverside Center.